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Could age discrimination cost you a long-term position?

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2020 | Age Discrimination |

Employees who have held a job with the same California company for one or more decades often believe they are immune to a sudden termination. If these workers have continuously performed well and received few, if any, reprimands, an abrupt termination seems nearly impossible.

Unfortunately, your job may not be as secure as you believe. Many employers want fresh new faces in their companies, which could put you at risk of wrongful termination. It is unlawful to fire someone just to replace them with a younger employee, but it still happens.

Does “at-will” employment prevent you from legal action?

California follows the at-will employment model, which means that either the worker or the employer can end the employment without reason. However, there are exceptions to this rule that all state workers should know:

  • The presence of a signed employment contract prohibiting termination without proper cause
  • Some public service employees have civil or union protections against improper termination
  • Employees with reason to believe that their protected employment rights have been violated (discrimination, harassment, etc.)

After investing significant time and effort to make a company successful, it can be a terrible blow to suddenly lose your job. Although you can go on to look for another employment opportunity, it is wise to consider an age discrimination and wrongful termination claim to improve your circumstances and find justice.

An experienced attorney familiar with wrongful termination claims can help you put your situation in focus. Together, you can explore your options and hold the responsible parties to account if your termination was unlawful. Please, continue reviewing the information published in our blog and website if you need to learn more.