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Representing California Workers Facing Harassment And Discrimination In The Workplace

It’s natural to worry about your job when faced with harassing or discriminatory comments and actions at work — but the law is on your side. Whether it comes in the form of harassment from your co-workers or discrimination from your superiors, California employment law holds employers responsible for harassment and discrimination based on protected categories that include race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion and more.

At The Rutten Law Firm, APC, we have more than 25 years of experience representing employees throughout the Woodland Hills area. Our attorneys’ dedication to ardently defending the rights of employees facing harassment or discrimination in the workplace is unwavering, and we’re willing to put our track record in employment law up against any large employer in California.

Workplace Harassment Versus Discrimination: What’s The Difference?

Through both are prohibited under California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act, distinguishing between employment discrimination and workplace harassment is important in order to properly defend your legal rights.

  • Workplace harassment involves mistreatment by a co-worker or superior based on your protected class status such as your race or religion, in a manner that is outside of their job function.
  • Employment discrimination involves mistreatment by an employer within the context of their job description such as in making hiring decisions or in assigning shifts.

It can sometimes be difficult to know if you’re facing workplace harassment or employment discrimination. The experienced lawyers at The Rutten Law Firm, APC, can help you understand your situation as well as your legal rights and potential remedies.

Understanding Your Rights Regarding Workplace Harassment And Discrimination

California provides strong legal protections for employees facing both workplace harassment — whether sexual or nonsexual — and employer discrimination. Failure to properly respond to your discrimination or harassment complaint and remedy the situation can provide the basis for a lawsuit against your employer.

Workplace harassment and discrimination are serious issues, and an attorney with a strong background in employment law is needed to fully assert your legal rights. The Rutten Law Firm, APC, is proud to serve employees facing discrimination and harassment throughout the Woodland Hills area from our office in Woodland Hills. To find out more about your rights and your employer’s legal responsibilities, please call us at 818-308-5945 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.