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Fighting Back Against Racial And Ethnic Discrimination

It is unlawful for employers to discriminate against any employee or prospective employee on the basis of race, color or ethnicity. Federal and California state employment laws protect against racial and ethnic discrimination and subject employers who practice these forms of discrimination to liability. Racial and ethnic discrimination, along with other forms of discrimination, can have many negative consequences for victims and should be pursued through employment litigation.

At The Rutten Law Firm, APC, our experienced employment law attorneys provide representation to the victims of racial and ethnic discrimination in Southern California. Discrimination may be proven by showing how you were subjected to negative employment actions, including termination or demotion, because of your racial or ethnic characteristics. You don’t need to stand for racial or ethnic discrimination — with over 25 years of experience, we’re ready and willing to help you fight back.

Cases Of Discrimination Based On Ethnicity And Racism

Racial and ethnic discrimination can take many forms with regard to employment-based actions, including, but not limited to:

  • Recruitment
  • Hiring and promotions
  • Transfers and work assignments
  • Performance measurements
  • Work environments
  • Job training
  • Discipline
  • Compensation

The requirements for positions of employment must be applied equally and consistently to individuals of different races and ethnicities. Violations of employment laws concerning race and ethnicity can include the solicitation of race-based information that will be used as a basis for making decisions and testing applicants and employees for knowledge, skills or abilities that will not impact job performance or business needs. Employees also are protected from retaliation for the filing of discrimination charges.

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If you believe that you are the victim of racism or racial and ethnic discrimination in California, you need to consult with an experienced Woodland Hills racism and ethnic discrimination lawyer about your situation. At The Rutten Law Firm, APC, we stand strong for employee rights and have no tolerance for employers who violate your legal rights based on your race or ethnicity. Even if you work for a large company, we can help you.

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