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Protecting Economic, Contractual And Business Relationships

The laws in California protect contractual relationships and reasonably foreseeable future economic benefits. If one party negligently or intentionally interferes with another party’s existing contract with a third party, or with a reasonably foreseeable future economic benefit with another party, the business or individual suffering a loss may have a damage claim for interference with contract or interference with prospective economic relationship.

The act of inducing a breach of contract must be an intentional act. If the actor had no knowledge of the existence of the contract or his actions were not intended to induce a breach, he cannot be held liable even when an actual breach results from his lawful and proper acts. It is not enough that the actor intended to perform the acts that caused the result — he or she must have intended to cause the result itself. The claim can only be asserted against a third party or stranger to the contractual relationship; if the person complained of was a party to the contract, the claim is one for breach of contract. Proof that it is reasonably probable that the lost economic advantage would have been realized but for the defendant’s interference is required to prevail on that type of claim.

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