You Can Fight Back And Win!

We Fight No Matter How Powerful The Employer Is

Standing up for your rights against large, powerful corporations can be intimidating. However, that intimidation often discourages employees from getting the fair and legal treatment they deserve.

The Rutten Law Firm, APC, is prepared to challenge employers who have significant resources and power. Not only do we aim to get results for you, but we also aim to give you confidence throughout the process.

Employer Size Can Make A Difference – Even Though It Shouldn’t

California is home to many large companies across a variety of industries, including:

  • Technology and computing
  • Banking and finance
  • Entertainment and media
  • Shipping and freight
  • Retail and fashion
  • Food, including farming and restaurants
  • Manufacturing

Large employers often have their own high-profile legal teams to defend them against claims. They may have the resources and connections to tip the scales in their favor. It is critical that employees have the same chance to voice their perspectives and seek relief from discrimination, harassment, wage discrepancies, wrongful termination and other employment problems.

Meet Obstacles With Preparation And Dedication

Our firm will work to even the odds for you. A significant difference in power or money between you and your employer should not prevent you from getting justice. We prepare compelling strategies for every case.

We have pursued claims against many major employers, including AT&T, FedEx Corporation, Walmart, Bank of America, The Home Depot, Rite Aid Corp., Target, Wells Fargo bank and the City of Woodland Hills.

We Can Reassure You

Do not sacrifice your rights simply due to the size of the employer. You can speak to an experienced, trustworthy lawyer about your employment law case today. Call 818-308-5945 or email us for a consultation. Our Woodland Hills office serves clients across the Woodland Hills area.