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Fight Back Against Fraud And Corrupt Business Practices

Not every person or company plays by the rules. If you or your business has been the victim of fraud, we will assess your situation and provide aggressive, hard-nosed representation to vindicate your rights and recover your money or property.

Our lawyers at The Rutten Law Firm, APC, are dedicated to standing up for the rights of businesses that have been the victims of fraud. Fraud can cost a business in so many ways: monetarily, profitability and future successes. Unfortunately, many businesses end up going out of business due to the money lost in a fraud situation. Our firm strives to help business clients deal with the aftermath of a fraud. We are aggressive in our pursuit of justice on your behalf, taking the responsible business or individual to court in order for them to be held accountable.

Investment-Related Fraud

There has been much publicity surrounding fraudulent investments and deceptive business practices perpetrated by stock brokers and other investors. Many businesses have lost money after investing in what they thought was a solid company or investment. We provide representation and assistance to businesses seeking to recover their lost funds, restore their reputation in the community and see that justice is served.

Businesses Accused Of Fraud

We have an extensive understanding of business practices and how they may be misconstrued as fraudulent by those who do not understand or are out of defame your business. If you have been wrongfully accused of fraud, we will defend you or your business’s good name and reputation. We have successfully represented victims of fraud and those wrongfully accused of fraud in connection with contracts, sales of businesses, real estate matters, employment cases, and sales of equipment and goods.

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Fraud cases need to be dealt with as soon as possible in order to recover as many damages as we can. If you have been the victim of fraud, or wrongly accused of fraud, contact us online or call 818-308-5945 today. From our office in Woodland Hills, we represent clients throughout Woodland Hills, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino counties, the Bay Area, and the entire state of California.

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