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Your Employer Can’t Treat Your Age Like A Disability

Ageism or age discrimination refers to any action that denies or limits opportunities to employees or prospective employees on the basis of age. The California Fair Employment and Housing Act prohibits employers from practicing age discrimination and they can be held liable if it can be proven that discrimination took place. Despite this law, thousands of adults over the age of 40 are discriminated against every year in Southern California, and most do not know or understand how to protect their rights.

At The Rutten Law Firm, APC, our Woodland Hills wrongful termination and employment law attorneys provide experienced counsel and representation to the victims of age discrimination. Our firm understands federal and state employment laws, and we can determine what laws may have been broken in your situation.

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The California Fair Employment and Housing Act, as well as federal laws, prevents discrimination in the workplace. This discrimination, based on age, includes:

  • Termination
  • Failure to hire or promote
  • Unequal or reduced pay
  • Refusal of benefits
  • Other acts that are based solely on a person’s age

In order to prove age discrimination, it must be proven that the worker is 40 years of age or older and that this fact was used in determining acts regarding hiring, firing or promotion. It should also be shown that younger employees who were in the same or similar positions of employment were treated more favorably.

We have advocated for clients who have worked for the same employer for decades – only to meet unfair treatment as the years pass. Regardless of the size or power of your employer, when it is not there for you, we will be.

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If you are the victim of age discrimination and believe that the discrimination has adversely affected your current employment or has prevented you from gaining employment, you may be able to obtain compensation from the employer. At The Rutten Law Firm, APC, we have successfully resolved cases of discrimination on the basis of age, race, religion, gender and other factors. Our law firm represents individuals who are the victims of retaliation based upon claims of discrimination in the workplace.

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