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Can diversity and inclusion help reduce workplace discrimination?

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2021 | Workplace Discrimination |

The workplace can create situations where discrimination can easily happen. Any time you have a group of people where there is a minority such issues often come up.

One way your employer may try to reduce discrimination and create a work environment where everyone feels comfortable is to increase diversity and inclusion. ComplyRight explains that when you have a workplace that is diverse and welcoming to everyone, it makes it much harder for discrimination to occur.


Because diversity helps to ensure you have people from different backgrounds and inclusion means everyone accepts everyone else regardless of differences, the approach to create a diverse and inclusive workplace creates more awareness. You will have exposure to new people from backgrounds with which you may not be familiar.

You will learn more about different cultures, religions, and people that will make you more aware of potential issues. Awareness is key to stopping discrimination because it enables you to understand why someone else may not feel comfortable with certain things you say or actions you take. It also allows you to build more empathy towards those who are different from you.


The awareness that comes from a diverse and inclusive workplace leads to acceptance. You will not longer look at certain things others do as odd. It will be easier to accept that is just their culture or religion.

Acceptance leads to better overall relationships between you and your coworkers. It can also make the work environment more positive and healthier.

Overall, when you have a workplace that accepts everyone and has employees from all walks of life, it creates a company culture that is open and accepting where discrimination occurs less often.