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When you lose your long-term employment, how do you know if discrimination played a part?

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2020 | Age Discrimination |

Losing a job always feels terrible, but for long-term employees, it can also feel like a betrayal. When you have dedicated a large part of your life to a single job and then you are fired, how can you know if your firing was lawful?

Sudden termination after long-term employment is a big issue for many in the San Fernando Valley. Most of these workers have no idea how to move forward after working in the same place for so long. Worsening the matter, they feel blindsided by their loss, especially if everything seemed fine up until the firing.

Termination after years or decades can be complicated because most workers employed for many years in the same job are middle-aged or older. What if your employer fired you just to hire new, younger workers? In such circumstances, a terminated employee may have legal options at their disposal.

Warning signs of age-related termination

If you can show that your boss used discriminatory language or perhaps fabricated a reason for firing you, then you may have grounds for a wrongful termination claim. Red flags that may indicate age discrimination include the following.

  • Your boss expressed a need to hire workers with a youthful perspective
  • Your boss claims that your recent work has been subpar but can offer no evidence (negative employment evaluations, etc.)
  • Your boss expressed an interest in hiring fresh faces
  • Your boss provides only vague or indefinable reasons for your termination
  • Your boss is suddenly giving you negative performance reviews

Our employment law attorneys suggest that those fired from a long-term job for no apparent reason seek a legal opinion about their situation as soon as possible. It is also helpful to tell your attorney exactly what your superior said and did during the termination interview.

Age discrimination is not legal in California, which means that you can find a solution for your wrongful termination. Continue browsing our firm’s website for additional information.