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Company that studied workplace discrimination sued by researcher

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2020 | Workplace Discrimination |

Workplace discrimination is an ongoing problem in California and across the U.S. This continues to happen despite increased attention paid to the problem. Researchers assess such issues as gender pay gaps and equality in the workplace to gauge its frequency and find solutions. One Silicon Valley company was at the forefront of this research, but is now being sued by a lead researcher who claims she was subjected to precisely the type of discrimination the studies focused on.

Software company accused of the same workplace violations it analyzed

The company creates software that manages data. As part of its business, research was published to show that Silicon Valley males had a significantly larger proportion of on-paper wealth than females. The company is active in addressing this disparity. However, a female vice president who was an integral voice about it says she was underpaid and faced gender discrimination.

She filed a lawsuit claiming that the company repeatedly said it would address its own issues of wage differences based on gender, but never did. It also failed to live up to a promise from the CEO to have a woman placed on its board – which had been all men – by the end of 2018. After an audit to see whether women were paid the same as men, the plaintiff had her salary increased and received more stock. She says that the CEO hindered her advancement and ignored her advice due to her gender. In addition, she alleges that a less-qualified man received a promotion instead of her. After a contentious meeting with the CEO in which he made derogatory comments about her, she resigned.

Understanding how to handle illegal behavior in the workplace

Given the level of attention equality is granted in the news media and on social media outlets, it is no surprise that many companies put forth the impression that they are trying to function within the law and treat employees equally. Still, there are accusations in which they do not adhere to it. In this case, a woman who oversaw the research about gender gaps in pay and advancement says her own employer violated the law. When people are subjected to any form of workplace discrimination, it is important that they understand their rights. Consulting with those experienced in these cases may help with pursuing compensation in a legal filing.