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Do you have a case for wrongful termination?

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Losing your job is never an easy thing, but it is worse when you feel your employer did not have the legal right to terminate your employment. Wrongful employment is often difficult to prove, but there are some very specific situations under California law where you have protection against your employer retaliating against you and firing you.

The California Department of Industrial Relations explains that employers cannot terminate you for doing certain things, such as using sick leave or discussing your ages with other workers. You also have protection against wrongful termination when your employer uses your immigration status as a reason.

If you have a baby and need lactation accommodations while at work, your employer must provide those and cannot fire you for making the request. You also have the right to attend school functions, meet with school personnel, handle school emergencies and participate in school activities for up to eight hours without facing termination as long as you give your employer notice.

You have protection for some court-related activities. If you serve on jury duty and provide the proper documentation, then your employer cannot use that as a basis for termination. If you need to testify in court as a victim of a crime or a relative of a victim, you also have protection. Your employer cannot fire you for having one wage garnishment judgment against you and must follow the court’s orders for the garnishment.

Other protection from wrongful termination include things that are protected under the law. This includes your right to issue a complaint about health and safety concerns in your workplace and your right to do activities outside of work that have protection under the Constitution and state laws.