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Radio station sued by long-time DJ for wrongful termination

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2020 | Firm News |

Few people in the San Fernando Valley may actually realize just how much time they spend at their jobs. For many, it may come close to the number of waking hours they spend in their homes with their families. This fact makes it even more important that people feel safe and comfortable in the places where they work. Any conduct that creates a hostile working environment should immediately be addressed and corrected. Those who point out such contact only to apparently have that used as a reason to fire them may have a strong case for wrongful termination.

That is exact what a long-time radio personality in Georgia says happened to him. In a recent lawsuit filed against his former employer, he says that he was because of his bi-sexual orientation. He claims that after a new executive came on board, the man repeatedly made disparaging remarks about him and his lifestyle, and went as far as saying that the new executive had tried to have him fired previously.

In response, the media group operating the radio station says that the man was fired due to his conduct at a local concert (reports state that the man was intoxicated and angered at not being granted access to a VIP area).

It should not be an unreasonable expectation that one come to work and feel free from any tensions or strife, not should one have to worry that their reporting such an atmosphere would be met with retaliation. Taking action after being terminated under such circumstances may help to cover one’s losses while also ensuring that their former coworkers are not subjected to the same treatment. Having an attorney in one’s corner during such a process may increase one’s chances of earning a positive outcome.