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Major Biomedical Research Institute Accused of Sex Discrimination

On Behalf of | May 14, 2018 | Sexual Harassment |

Sex and gender discrimination have recently been in the spotlight as prominent individuals, companies and politicians have come under fire. More and more employers are being accused as well. But we might all ask, why now? How come everyone is speaking out against these individuals and companies now? Simply put, because when one person speaks up, two people speak up, and so on.

Recently, three women at Salk Institute for Biomedical Studies, a leading biomedical research institute based out of La Jolla, California, sued the company for gender discrimination. They accused the company of providing women fewer resources for their labs, less grant money to conduct their research, lower pay and other discriminatory practices.

One of the women, Beverly Emerson, 65-years-old and a molecular biologist who has worked for the company since 1986, alleges, that she, along with her two female colleagues, have endured a “hostile environment in which they are undermined, disrespected, disparaged, and treated unequally.” Emerson went on to say that Institutes administration and board of trustees, “have known about the discrimination, yet done absolutely nothing to stop it or right wrongs perpetrated against its…talented and decorated female Professors.”

In addition to these accusations, multiple women have now initiated lawsuits accusing one of the top scientists at the Institute of sexual harassment. These women allege that he made many sexual comments and advancements, groped them and tried to forcibly kiss them. While the Institute and the scientist deny the allegations, if proven, the Institute will likely be required to compensate the victims.

Laws are designed to protect your rights. As an employee, you are to be treated equally regardless of your race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. If your rights are being violated, speak up. Contact an experienced employment law attorney to protect your rights.

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