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Employer: “Oops, your injury messed with my metrics!”

by | Apr 4, 2018 | Disability Discrimination |

Anyone working in a corporate environment knows that big business is all about metrics designed to make shareholders more money. Nothing truly evil with that, it’s capitalism and hence our economic system.

Ultimately, however, these types of employee and financial metrics are responsible for a decline in customer service amongst major industries. Ever wonder why customer service is terrible at banks, airlines, retail stores, etc.? Because its cheaper to have one customer service rep, or two cashiers, even though more are needed to serve the customer. Even worse, companies such as banks and insurance companies incentivize employees to spend LESS time helping customers, and offering LESS help, because it’s LESS costly that way.

But when an employee suffers an injury, or has a physical disability of any kind, employers see a threat to their metrics and all bets are off. Employees who take time off, need leaves of absence, or require workplace accommodations because of their disability or injury, are now seen as a liability by the company. So, albeit unlawfully, disabled and injured workers are unfairly and unlawfully targeted. These workers often face discrimination, harassment and retaliation when a disability interferes with an employers metrics.

Unfortunately, employers often come up with false and defamatory excuses to rid themselves of an injured or disabled worker. We lawyers call that a “pretext,” and are experts at exposing an employer’s lies.