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Your right to compensation after being fired in California

by | Oct 17, 2014 | Wrongful Termination |

California law prohibits employers from terminating employees due to discrimination. For instance, if you’ve recently come out as being homosexual and are let go due to your sexuality and preferences, this is wrongful discrimination and termination.

Wrongful termination may have occurred if you have been fired due to retaliation, political disagreements, unionizing, a breach of a written or oral contract, a breach of an implied contract or if you were fired due to claiming or filing for workers’ compensation benefits. Your employer is not allowed to fire you for claiming benefits after being hurt on the job, for example, just because it costs them money.

It should be relatively obvious that no company is going to claim that it fired someone due to those reasons. Discrimination is illegal, and it can get a company into hot water. Terminating an employee due to his race, age, gender religion, sexual orientation, disabilities or ethnicity is illegal. If you think one of those reasons is the cause of your termination, you may want to seek legal help to help you access the compensation you deserve for your mistreatment.

If you think you’ve been wrongfully terminated, it’s important to have someone examine the circumstances surrounding your separation from employment and what happened to cause you to be let go. If your claim is based on evidence that can be substantiated, then it’s possible that you could sue for your job back or for the compensation you lost because of your wrongful termination. Click here to learn more about what you can do to prove that you were wrongfully terminated from your job in San Fernando Valley.