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The best sexual harassment lawyers – How do you find one?

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2013 | Sexual Harassment |

If you are the victim of workplace sexual harassment, does it matter who you hire to represent you?  Of course it does.

Like every other profession, it matters who you hire to represent you in a case against your employer for wrongful termination, sexual harassment or sex discrimination or any other type of employment dispute.  Many law firms are based on a high volume practice and, quite frankly, don’t care about the results for any individual client.  You want a lawyer that cares about your case and will be personally involved every step of the way, not handing the work off to a paralegal or a secretary.  These cases can be complicated and the way small details are handled is often the difference between a large settlement or verdict and a small one.

When you have the first meeting with your attorney, you should feel comfortable with him or her.  The attorney should be able to answer any question you might have.  The attorney should also spend at least an hour with you talking about your background and the facts of your case.  This first consultation should be free of charge.  If an attorney is not willing to spend the time getting to know you and your case, chances are he is running a mill and your case will suffer.

There are many good and excellent lawyers in Los Angeles and throughout California.  We encourage you to speak with several attorneys before you decide who to hire.

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