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June 2013 Archives

Sexual Harassment Training Mandatory for Large Employers

California employers having at least fifty employees must provide all supervisory employees located in California with at least two hours of classroom or "interactive" training regarding sexual harassment prevention and correction. This fifty employee requirement includes employees in other states, not just California. The training must be provided at least once every two years. Also, new supervisory employees must receive training within six months after being hired. [See Gov.C. § 12950.1(a),(c)].

Boss' sexual harassment of other employees is admissible

In sexual harassment cases, as with many other types of employment cases, such as racial discrimination, disability discrimination, etc., the harasser or bad guy usually is a repeat offender.  If your boss is sexually harassing you, chances are good that he has done it before.  Indeed, for certain types of sexual harassers, such as those supervisors that force employees to have sexual relationship with them in order to keep their job, it is not even uncommon to find that the harasser has a history of domestic violence, sexual assault, rape or other misconduct towards women.  

Supreme Court's Finds Against Same Sex Marriage Ban in a Blow to Sexual Orientation Discrmination

The United States Supreme Court struck down laws against same sex marriage today.  This ruling is a giant step in the evolution of our society away from sexual orientation discrimination.  

For whose sexual harassment are employers liable?

Sexual harassment in the workplace can come from two sources of employees: (1) co-workers; and (2) supervisors. Whether or not an employer is liable for the harassment is viewed differently depending on the type of harasser.

Sexual Harassment Claims by Men are Rising

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recently released its 2012 Enforcement and Litigation Statistics which provides that while the number of sexual harassment claims filed has decreased from 7,809 in 2011 to 7,571 in 2012, the percentage of charges filed by males has increased from 16.1% to 17.8%. Although the majority of EEOC sexual harassment charges are filed by women, this increase in charges filed by men is significant.

Sexual Harassment Verdict Favors Air Force Base Employee

An administrative judge for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ("EEOC") awarded $231,425 to a former civilian technician for the District of Columbia Air National Guard. The EEOC found that she had endured months of sexual harassment from a senior coworker while serving at Andrews Air Force Base. According to reports, Vikki Rouleau complained to supervisors in May 2010 about unwanted sexual advances from a senior coworker at the base. Ms. Rouleau had alleged that the National Guard took no corrective action, and that after she was forced to continue to work in frequent contact with the harassing coworker for several more months. She resigned in November of the same year.

Sexual Harassment Allegations Surround Exit of Prominent Professor

Amid sexual harassment allegations, Colin McGinn, a prominent philosopher at the University of Miami, is leaving amid allegations that he sent improper sexually oriented messages to a graduate student, all according to reports. It is reported that part way through the 2012-13 academic year, Mr. McGinn signed an agreement with the university stating that he will formally depart at the end of December 2013, several faculty members who are close to the philosopher said. The university declined to confirm Mr. McGinn's job status.

US Attorney investigates sexual-harassment case against Arab-American civil rights head

The head of a Michigan Arab-American civil rights group who faces a multitude of sexual-harassment charges is now being investigated by the U.S. Attorneys Office.

Petco sued by former manager for sexual harassment and whistleblowing re animal abuse

A Petco former employee was fired for blowing the whistle on a store manager who sexually harassed female co-workers and abused dogs when grooming them, according to a wrongful termination and harassment lawsuit filed late last month in Superior Court.

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