Los Angeles Bankruptcy Litigation Lawyer

Employees should not file bankruptcy without consulting an employment law attorney if they intend to pursue an employment law case.

Founder of The Rutten Law Firm, APC, attorney Howard Rutten, began his legal career as a law clerk to United States Bankruptcy Court Judge Leslie Tchaikovsky. Since then, Mr. Rutten has represented debtors, creditors, trustees and creditors committees in many types of bankruptcy litigation matters. Mr. Rutten represented the entire Orange County, California business community as counsel to the Official Subcommittee of Vendors in the In re County of Orange Chapter 9 municipal bankruptcy case.

While we no longer handle most bankruptcy matters, as our focus is almost exclusively wrongful termination and employment law cases, we have extensive experience in:

  • Fraudulent Transfer Litigation
  • Preferences / Preferential Transfer Litigation
  • Revocation of Discharge Litigation
  • Real Estate Transactions and Litigation
  • Relief from the Automatic Stay
  • Avoidance of Liens
  • Claims Purchasing

Employees with potential employment law claims should be aware that filing a bankruptcy has a significant impact on the ability to pursue a case.  We are experts in the cross-over of wrongful termination and bankruptcy cases and have successfully navigated employment law cases through the Bankruptcy Courts.