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Workplace Discrimination Archives

116th Congress bans LGBTQ job discrimination in the House

The legislative gains advanced by the LGBTQ community in California have spread all the way to the nation's capital. With the Democrats taking control of the 116th Congress on Jan. 3, they voted to update the rules for employment at the House of Representatives by banning job discrimination against LGBTQ people. A representative who is an open member of the LGBTQ demographic pushed for the change.

Facebook accused of discrimination in job ads

A gender discrimination complaint was filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, alleging that Facebook and others have used the social media platform to post biased job advertisements. Specifically, a group of women who use Facebook claim that certain job ads were targeted so that they did not appear to women on the site. Rather, the help wanted ads were shown only to men. California employees and people looking for jobs might be entitled to claim damages if they've been discriminated against during the hiring process.

How employees should deal with workplace discrimination

Even though most forms of workplace discrimination is illegal in the state of California, there are some who still experience it. Those who are actively discriminated against often find that their productivity and progress is impacted. They may also experience anxiety and work-related stress. However, there are certain steps workers can take to eliminate discrimination.

Some veterans confront workplace discrimination

Some San Fernando Valley veterans with less than honorable discharges from the military may be concerned about the threat of discrimination when seeking jobs due to their discharge status. Many people with this discharge status were removed for minor offenses that would not be penalized outside the military. For example, one veteran said that he received a general discharge in 2007 because he attempted suicide, and he has experienced rejection when seeking jobs due to the discharge record.

Strategies to minimize potential age discrimination at work

As a California worker ages, he or she faces the risk of being pushed out by an employer. As a general rule, women are more likely to experience age discrimination than men. This is partially because of cultural perceptions that men get better with age while women become less valuable. While the law forbids age discrimination, proving it can be difficult.

Study examines impact of caste discrimination at work

Whether working in Silicon Valley or at a California restaurant, South Asian Americans may face various types of workplace discrimination. They may face discrimination from members of the majority or other groups on the basis of national origin, religion or race, and these types of workplace discrimination issues are likely to be the most common. On the other hand, another experience that South Asians may have on the job in the United States is often little-recognized: caste discrimination.

Parents face problems no matter where they work

While most California parents are not senators, they may understand the struggles of trying to raise a child. A senator representing the state of Illinois is set to give birth soon, and she could be forced to skip work because of Senate rules. These rules stop a person from voting unless he or she is physically present, and children are prevented from being on the floor of the Senate.

Age discrimination allegations levied against IBM

Although the Age Discrimination in Employment Act prohibits discrimination against workers who are 40 and older, IBM may have been trying to get away with it for years. A new report by ProPublica details a workplace culture bent on replacing older workers. Some Californian might be among alleged 20,000 employees who have been pushed out of IBM through layoffs, firings and forced early retirement.

Women in male-dominated workplaces report higher discrimination

Today, the global community recognizes International Women’s Day. Therefore, it’s only fitting to discuss the challenges that many women face in California alongside women’s rights. Unfortunately, workplace discrimination is still among these issues.

California rules that the ADA protects obese people

You're probably aware that the United States created a series of civil rights laws to protect individuals from discrimination based on certain characteristics, such as age, religion or ethnicity. Included on this list of protected traits is disability--and the law describing this protection is laid out in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA is a federal law that went into effect in 1990 to help ensure that individuals with disabilities receive the same rights and opportunities as other people in the workplace, school and all areas related to their public lives.

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