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Discrimination: How to file and who to speak to in California

If you've been discriminated against on the job while working in California, there are a few steps you need to take to rectify the situation. First of all, you need to recognize if you've been retaliated against or discriminated against, since simply being fired or passed over during hiring isn't usually enough to prove discrimination. If you believe you have, then you can file a complaint with the labor commissioner in California. This is just the first step, but it brings your situation to light, so others can investigate.

New laws protecting against workplace discrimination and harassment

As 2015 approaches there are a number of new laws and amendments in California that will become effective in the New Year. One law in particular that deserves special attention because of its impact in the realm of employment law is AB 1443. This new law will extend protection from discrimination and harassment to new individuals under California's Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA).

What can I do about workplace discrimination in California?

Have you been retaliated against at work? Maybe you've been facing discrimination. It's important to know how to file a complaint, and if that complaint isn't taken seriously, then you have a case against your company or employer. You can file a retaliation or discrimination complaint any time you feel like you've been discriminated against in violation of the law. That includes not being hired, being fired and other workplace discrimination issues.

People with diabetes can face workplace discrimination

Most of us in Los Angeles know someone with diabetes or have it ourselves. The number is growing at an alarming rate. The latest government estimate is that 29 million Americans are living with the disease. We don't think of diabetes as something that would cause problems in the workplace. However people with diabetes may face discrimination by employers and co-workers. One endocrinologist says that many people with diabetes hesitate to take the daily steps required to control the disease, such as checking their blood sugar levels, because they fear being stigmatized. Failure to properly manage the disease can be particularly dangerous for people who work in industries like transportation and construction where safety is paramount.

California manager sues over termination

When an employee is fired, there is usually an identifiable cause for the termination. However, if the fired worker does not agree with the reasons for termination, the dispute can result in litigation. Los Angeles readers might be interested in a wrongful termination case that pits a man with a lengthy career against a California county.

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