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You have a right to accommodations for disabilities in California

As a person with a disability or special medical needs, you want to know that your workplace will be able to accommodate you. According to California laws, you should be able to request reasonable changes at work for your safety and comfort. If your workplace doesn't allow you to alter your workspace according to your medical needs, then you may have the right to seek a lawsuit against your company.

There are a number of reasonable requests you can make for accommodation at work. For instance, you could ask for an altered workspace with a waist-high bar for support as you walk. You may ask for more time to complete tasks due to a broken arm or other medical condition. You may request to have a new supervisor to reduce your stress load, or you could ask for time off work to seek the medical treatment you need.

Adaptive technologies and tools may be requested if they are suitable for your disability or medical condition. Flexible work schedules should be able to be accommodated at least to a reasonable degree. In fact, you can even request to work from home if your job would allow it.

Two acts guarantee your rights to these accommodations. They are the Americans with Disabilities Act and California's Fair Employment and Housing Act. Physical and mental disabilities are covered by these acts. Things like chronic illnesses, mental illnesses, permanent injuries, paralysis and deafness are all protected under the acts.

Visit our comprehensive website to learn more about your rights in your workplace. You deserve to be accommodated to the best of your company's ability, and if you can't get the accommodation you need, you may be able to seek them through court.

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