Employment Lawyers - Wrongful Termination, Discrimination, and Retaliation

A lawsuit is a difficult, time-consuming and expensive process. For that reason, the attorneys at The Rutten Law Firm, APC, only accept cases where we believe our clients are on the right side of the facts and law. Once we choose to accept a case, we put in whatever money, time and resources are required to win.

We never predetermine the way we will handle your case, and, of course, our lawyers will always leave the ultimate decision up to you. However, we always prepare our cases for trial, as this level of preparation often leads to the best settlements.

Championing The Rights Of Employees

Our attorneys believe that every employee deserves the same protection under the law — whether a person answers phones in a call center, drives a truck, operates equipment, or is a professional, managerial or supervisory employee, equal treatment under the law is a fundamental right.

On behalf of all employees, we routinely take on the largest corporations in the world. Our lawyers execute a strategy designed to maximize the value of every case. We bring the value and benefit of our focus on employment law to all cases — whether they resolve for a few thousands of dollars or millions of dollars.

All cases are handled on a contingency fee basis — there is no attorney fee until the employee wins. We advance all costs and never charge upfront fees.

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