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Unpaid Overtime and Regular Wages

Employers in California have an obligation to pay the appropriate amount and type of compensation to their employees. This includes payment for regular or straight time wages, overtime wages, commissions, or piece rate work and the proper classification of employees as exempt or non-exempt. Meal and rest breaks based on hours worked are also required by law. If you believe that you have not been properly paid or underpaid by your employer, it is important to know your rights under California wage and hour laws. You should also speak with an experienced employment law attorney about your situation.

At The Rutten Law Firm, APC, located in Studio City, our lawyers understand the wage and hour laws in the state of California and can help you determine if you were properly compensated for the hours you have worked, and how much compensation you are owed by your employer. We have also handled mass action and class action litigation in cases where a company-wide practice that breaks wage and hour laws has affected multiple employees.

Wage and Hour Laws in Los Angeles, California

There are several ways that employers can fail to meet California state and federal wage and hour laws, including:

  • Unpaid wages
  • Failure to pay wages in a timely manner
  • Failure to pay the California minimum wage
  • Failure to follow overtime laws
  • Improper commission structure and repayment of commissions
  • Improper classification to avoid paying hourly or overtime wages
  • Wrongful deductions from pay
  • Charging employees for company expenses
  • Not providing sufficient meal and rest breaks

Employers who violated these and other laws may be required to pay the affected employees any overdue wages, including base pay and overtime pay. An employer is liable for one hour of pay for day where all required rest breaks are not provided, and one hour of pay for failure to provide a meal break. They may also have to provide any missed commissions, bonuses, benefits and vacation pay that were not paid as well as penalties, interest and attorneys' fees and costs that are associated with the wage and hour litigation.

Employees in sales positions, hotels and restaurant workers, computer related fields, customer service representatives, retail sales, inside sales, and many other jobs are frequently misclassified as independent contractors. Employees in these cases end up paying more in taxes, and the employer avoids workers' compensation insurance premiums.

Employees who are fired for complaining about wage and hour law violations, such as unpaid overtime, or missed meal and rest breaks, can sue for wrongful termination under the Labor Code.

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